Watch China Build An Emergency Hospital In Just 8 Days To Battle The Wuhan Coronavirus

The 1000-bed hospital is open to receive patients today, 3 February.

Cover image via AFP/New Straits Times

China has completed work on an emergency 1,000-bed hospital, set up specifically to battle the coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan

According to Business Insider, Huoshenshan Hospital was completed in a mere eight days after construction began on 26 January.

Chinese state media Xinhua reported that the 25,000sqm hospital will begin to admit patients today, 3 February.

Huoshenshan, meaning "Fire God Mountain" in Mandarin, was built to replicate Beijing's Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) emergency facility in 2003

Just like the hospital in Beijing that was completed at breakneck speed of seven days, the Wuhan centre was made out of prefabricated buildings, reported BBC.

The construction of the building was even livestreamed by Chinese broadcasters so that people could keep up with the progress.

The hospital has already been passed into the control of medical staff

New Straits Times reported that some 1,400 military medics will treat patients at the 1,000-bed hospital that was built to relieve other hospitals swamped with patients by the national health crisis.

According to The Star, there are currently more than 17,200 people infected by the coronavirus nationwide, with 361 deaths confirmed by the National Health Commission as of today.

Huoshenshan Hospital is one of two makeshift medical facilities that the authorities have decided to build to treat patients suspected of contracting the coronavirus

According to CGTN, the second emergency hospital, called Leishenshan Hospital, is being built about 40km away from Huoshenshan Hospital.

Leishenshan Hospital will be larger than its predecessor at 75,000sqm, with a capacity of 1,600 beds, and is expected to open on Thursday, 6 February.

Here is a 60-second timelapse of Huoshenshan Hospital being built in eight days:

On Saturday, 1 February, there was an outbreak of another virus reported in China's Hunan province:

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