Chinese Kindergarteners Receive Rousing Welcome From Pole Dancers On First Day Of School

The performance has since drawn criticism from various parties.

Cover image via Twitter @mstandaert

Most Malaysians would expect an hour-long ceramah when they return to school, but these Chinese kindergarteners received a pole dance performance instead

The incident was revealed in a series of videos and photos taken by Shenzhen-based American writer Michael Standaert that have since gone viral.

Adverts for the pole dancing school were also placed around the courtyard.

According to Reuters, the performance is part of a ceremony to observe the start of the school year.

As outrage grew, the Bao'an education bureau issued a statement on Weibo calling the performance "inappropriate"

According to Standaert's tweet, complaints had been made by other parents to the police, the education bureau, and Chinese media.

In the statement, the education bureau asked the owner of the kindergarten to apologise to the parents and the public and to fire the principal.

A warning was also issued to other kindergartens to avoid pulling a similar stunt.

The principal has since been fired from her position

The principal, who has been identified as a woman named "Lai Rong", apologised for the incident.

South China Morning Post reported her saying that she thought inviting the dancers to perform would "liven up the mood".

“I did not think through the contents of the performance … It was a very terrible viewing experience for the kids and the parents. For that, I sincerely apologise."

This is one incident that will surely stick in our minds for a while. Do you remember the procession of 50 pole dancers at a funeral?

Still, some credit should be given to pole dancers for making sexy look so effortless, as our male colleagues learned:

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