Chinese Man Unleashes Xenophobic Rant On A Woman For Taking Too Long At ATM

"What are you doing? Miss Thing? Which country are you from?"

Cover image via Wak Ali via Facebook

"Hello? What are you doing? Miss Thing? I am losing my patience with you. If you don't know how to operate this machine, get out and let other people use it. You're being f#cking inconsiderate," yells out a Chinese man to a woman for taking too long at ATM

The Chinese man was frustrated by the woman in front of him, who was using a POSB ATM at Empress Market. In his frustration, he confronts her for being slow in using the ATM. But his "eloquent frustration" quickly takes the form of ugly xenophobia when he tells her to "behave" and go back to the country she came from.

"Which country are you from? You come to Singapore, you behave yourself. What the f#ck do you think this is? You cannot behave yourself, you go home. Do you understand that?" he yells out in a very thick British accent with his arms crossed.

The woman, who clearly was having trouble using the ATM but was quietly trying to mind her business so far, finally responds, saying: "I’m not understanding you."

The whole incident was captured on a video, which was posted on Facebook by a person named Wak Ali on 3 February. Since then, it has been picked up by several news outlets across Singapore and Malaysia, with the video having 15K Reactions and 3 million views

The Chinese man who was wearing a singlet and sandals also threatened the woman that he will slap her if she delays. To which, the woman dared him to do so, but eventually backs off and lets the man use the ATM.

However, it appears the Chinese man had not had enough. He goes, one last time:

"You go home. F#ck yourself. How long you want to take? Three days?"

You can watch the whole altercation below:

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