[PHOTOS] Police Beat Dog To Death In Front Of Its Homeless Owner

Police have been accused of brutal behavior after officers battered to death a homeless man’s pet dog on a busy street while its master looked on.

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On 4 March 2014, A Chinese Netizen Posted A Weibo Post Claiming That At Sichuan’s Langzhong Tianshanggong Street Intersection A Stray Dog Was Beaten To Death By The Police In Front Of Its Homeless Owner

Officers seen killing the homeless owner's dog in front of his eyes

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In an online post released Wednesday two policemen, one holding a long steel fork and another a shovel, killed the dog in front of the owner, who sat watching in the street of the ancient city of Langzhong, about 300 kilometers from the Sichuan capital Chengdu.

Officers seen killing the homeless owner's dog in front of his eyes

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Police in Langzhong, Sichuan province had received a tip that the dog had rabies.

Mr. Wang, Who Witnessed The Incident, Recalls That Throughout The Entire Incident The Homeless Man Was Silent, Sitting There Timidly...

One officer seen strangling the homeless owner's dog

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...Unable To Turn His Eyes Away From The Police Beating To Death His Dog Right In Front Of Him, With Only Helplessness In His Eyes

One officer seen strangling the homeless owner's dog, while trying to keep the public at bay

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The Scene Of Killing The Stray Dog

While one officer keeps the dog pinned down, another seen hitting him with a metal object

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Another Witness Said, "After About 10 Minutes And Only Upon Seeing That The Dog Was No Longer Moving Did The Police Stop"

The lifeless dog lay in front of the owner

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The police explained the dog was acting aggressively when they approached it so they killed it to prevent injures to the people in the public. The homeless man was still holding the dog on its chain after it was beaten to death, according to witnesses at the scene.

Officers seen pushing the lifeless body of the dog aside

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Seen Here Are The Homeless Man And The Dog In Their Happier Times

the vagrant and his dog sitting on pavement

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Many Web Users On Sina Weibo, China’s Equivalent Of Twitter, Accused Police Of Acting Brutally

"That dog might have been the only comfort the homeless man had. He must have suffered terribly seeing his companion being killed," one comment read.

“Maybe this dog did carry a virus, but I don’t think it was proper to kill it in a public place,” Wang said. “What if children saw it?”

In The Face Of Criticism, The Local Public Security Bureau Made A Statement And Police Said They Acted To Protect The Public, But Promised To Improve The Way They Dealt With Such Situations

The police announcement said they killed the dog according to regulations stating that public security organs can kill illegal dogs in public places with the aim of protecting the public.

Police judged the situation "very dangerous" after being told the man and his dog once begged for money in a shop on the street near a primary school and one of the city's scenic spots. The man did not respond to inquiries, police added.

"The police should arrange a shelter for the man and his dog and check if the dog has diseases," said Zhu Shuilin, vice president of the Zhejiang Small Animal Protection Association. "However they dealt with the dog, they should have got permission from the vagrant first."
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He Yue, Deputy Director Of The Xicheng Police Station, Said The Dog Barked Whenever Anyone Went Near It

“The homeless man was reluctant to speak and when I approached the dog it suddenly stood up and came at me,” said Chen Yao, one of the officers who killed the dog.

“For the safety of others, I killed it,” he added.

The homeless owner of the dog looks helplessly at the lifeless body of his companion

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While Chen said he had carried out his duty, he admitted feeling uncomfortable about killing the man’s pet.

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a sense of injustice,” Chen said.

He said he hoped the public could understand why the officers killed the dog.

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