Chinese Tourists Going To Singapore Will Be Given A 30-Page Handbook Of Dos And Don'ts

They were the top spenders in Singapore last year.

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Chinese tourists coming into Singapore will have no choice but to be on their best behaviour; now that there's a detailed handbook when visiting the city-state

South China Morning Post reported that the guidebook was launched at a special event at Changi Airport by the Chinese embassy on Friday, 22 September.

Fang Xinwen, the Chinese embassy’s charge d’affaires, said more than 1.5 million visitors arrived in Singapore from mainland China in the first half of the year.

But with more Chinese tourists visiting Singapore, behavioural and personal safety have emerged. Hence, the need for the handbook.

The free copy, which is available for Chinese tourists arriving at the airport, details a list of dos and don'ts that runs to nearly 30 pages

You can check out the digital copy of the guidebook by scanning the QR code with your smartphone.

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The guidebook covers behaviour in public areas to Singapore's strict traffic rules.

For example, tourists are told not to cut in line at places such as toilets and restaurants. There's also a reminder to mainland travellers to flush the toilet after use.

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Taking durian on a bus or train is also strictly prohibited while airline property such as life jackets and blankets are not allowed to be taken from the plane.

The embassy said it hopes to improve the image of Chinese tourists with the guidebook

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It also said it would do more to promote "civilised" tourism in the future.

Chinese tourists were the top spenders in Singapore last year, dropping a total of SGD3.52 billion.

Thailand has issued a similar etiquette manual to Chinese tourists in 2015

The manual instructed visitors on museum etiquette, warned against using public property as lavatory facilities, and encouraged proper driving behaviour.

The Chinese government has recently stepped up its effort to change the world's perception of its travellers

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In 2013, China's National Tourism Administration released a 64-page handbook called 'Guidelines on Civilised Travel Abroad'.

Chinese tourists are forbidden to behave in any way deemed "uncivilized" by the book. Among other things, the rules urge Chinese tourists not to force locals to pose for photos, leave footprints on toilet seats, cut lines, pick their noses, and take more than they can eat at buffet tables.

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