Woman In China Quits Full-Time Job & Goes On A Mission To Try 100 Professions

"What kind of life would you live if you didn't have to define your career?" she wondered.

Cover image via 池早是我 (Douyin)

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A woman from Sichuan, China is on a mission to try out 100 different professions after feeling unfulfilled at her full-time corporate job

The woman in her 20s, named Chizao (池早是我), is gaining popularity on Douyin for her ambitious plan and has attracted over two million followers since she resigned.

"What kind of life would you live if you didn't have to define your career?" reads the caption of her very first video posted in March this year.

According to South China Morning Post, Chizao had been working in the media industry since she graduated from university.

In her videos, she explained that her job had begun to feel dull, and she was genuinely curious about trying out various other professions.

As a result, she decided to resign and embark on a personal experiment where she would try 100 different occupations, spending just one day in each.

Chizao tries out a day as a Chinese opera singer.

Image via 池早是我 (Douyin)

In just six months, Chizao has dabbled in over 30 jobs, ranging from tea picker, tourist guide, and kindergarten teacher, to more unique jobs such as firefighter, private housekeeper, and Chinese opera singer

The vlogger records all of her experiences on Douyin, where she humorously describes her daily routine at each of them.

Chizao said that she mostly chooses jobs based on her personal interests, but also considers suggestions from fans and invitations from companies.

As an animal lover, one of her initial jobs was working in a pet store. Starting her day at 9am, she carried out tasks such as walking, bathing, and feeding dogs, as well as cleaning the store and organising inventory.

"By the time I finished all my tasks, it was already 9pm. My back was killing me by the end of the day," she narrated.

Chizao tries out a day as a pet store employee.

Image via 池早是我 (Douyin)

Although she spends only a day at each job, Chizao said she has gained an appreciation of the hardships endured in each occupation

According to her, firefighting and performing at the Sichuan Opera Theatre have left the deepest impressions on her so far.

In the opera singer video, she dedicated an entire month to honing her singing, dancing, and acting skills before briefly showcasing her talents on stage.

She said she was absolutely moved by the passion shown for the traditional art by both its performers and fans, who were mostly elderly people.

Meanwhile, in the firefighter video, Chizao joined their intense physical training, including waking up at 5am to run 3km, climbing ropes and ladders, and even carrying fire hose pipes that weighed over 40kg in the scorching heat.

The young woman said she considered giving up halfway through the day, but completed all the drills, explaining, "I knew that in a real emergency, no real firefighter would give up."

Chizao tries out a day as a firefighter, and inspires a young girl to become one in the future.

Image via 池早是我 (Douyin)

Many followers have since reached out to Chizao to tell her that watching her videos have inspired them, either to leave their current jobs or to stay, as every occupation has its challenges

In one of her latest videos reflecting on her experiences, Chizao added that these unique experiences have also broadened her horizons.

"I hope that when everyone chooses their career, they consider their interests and plans for the future," she said.

She also hoped that there would be less gender stereotyping of work, as she had inspired a young girl to become a firefighter by just being seen in the uniform.

"Men can be nurses and kindergarten teachers, and women can be physical trainers and firefighters," she opined, adding that every job has its meaning and deserves respect.

Meanwhile, as for her own career direction, Chizao believes she will find her own answer in time.

Watch Chizao try a day out as a pet store employee here:

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