Circumcision Turns Into Nightmare After Doctor Cuts All The Skin Off An 8-Year-Old's Penis

The boy had to be anaesthetised in order for the doctor to clean blood clots from his privates.

Cover image via Harian Metro

A circumcision has recently caused serious complications to the privates of an eight-year-old boy

Harian Metro reported that on 18 December, Muhammad Adly Hadi Adzrul Effendie was admitted to the Ipoh Hospital after his genitals started to swell.

The boy's mother, Rosnah Musa, said that they took him to a private clinic for the procedure on 13 December. There, he was circumcised using the clamp method.

Image via Harian Metro

Initially, the parents noticed changes to the boy's penis and saw that it appeared shorter as well as tilted to the left.

"My son would complain about the pain and would cry every time he had to urinate," the mother said.

The woman wrote about the ordeal on Facebook but the post has since been removed.

Rosnah explained to the Malay daily, "The situation worried me and my husband because it was not normal. We wanted to stay positive but we started feeling uneasy when Muhammad Adly's penis started to swell on the third day after the procedure, once the clamp was removed at the clinic."

She added that the doctor prescribed some medicine for her son but his condition worsened and his penis swelled even more and started to bleed.

"At the time, my husband and I noticed that his privates tenggelam (sink) so without wasting time, we took him straight to the Seri Manjung Hospital," she said.

Image via Harian Metro

Medical checks found that his genitals had sunk into the body and the skin had been removed entirely.

The boy had to be anaesthetised in order for the doctor to clean blood clots from his privates.

Muhammad Adly then saw more complications and he was transferred to the Ipoh Hospital for a skin grafting surgery.

"My husband and I asked the specialist and they informed us that even if he heals now, there is a likelihood that Muhammad Adly might need another surgery in three to four years. Another possibility is that his defect may be permanent and of course, we're worried about his future as an adult," Rosnah said.

She also added that she has confronted the doctor at the clinic but he stayed quiet without giving a concrete explanation.

Following the incident, the family has filed a police report at the Sitiawan police station.

"We will let the police investigate before taking further action," Rosnah said. She also implores other parents to learn from her ordeal and urged them to be careful so they will not face the same situation.

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