Someone Burned Hup Seng Cream Crackers And Claimed That The Biscuits Contained Plastic

Biscuit and crackers manufacturer Hup Seng has rubbished these allegations.

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Netizens were alarmed when a video that has gone viral recently, claims that cream crackers from a popular local brand contained plastic and could be set on fire

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The man, who was heard speaking in Teochew (a Chinese dialect), used a cigarette lighter to burn a few Hup Seng cream crackers that he took out from a brand new pack.

He later claimed that the crackers could have contained synthetic material as the crackers lit up easily and appeared to be melting.

The video was uploaded by one Facebook user named Emo-Ji last Friday, 29 July. It has gained more than 1 million views and received more than 46,000 shares since then.

AsiaOne, a Singapore-based publishing site, has replicated the experiment to find out if the same thing would happen if they tried burning biscuits from the same brand

In the video that went viral, it was noted that the biscuits burned easily and fire spread to the other parts of the cracker.

However, AsiaOne's experiment showed a different result as the cracker did not burn easily. When they set fire to it, the flames died down quickly and only the targeted spot was charred.

They made a second attempt and the result was identical to the first.

AsiaOne concluded that the crackers used in their test did not catch fire easily, unlike the ones shown in the viral video.

Meanwhile, biscuit and crackers manufacturer Hup Seng has quickly responded to these allegations, stressing that their Hup Seng Ping Pong Special Cream Crackers are safe for consumption

"With regards to the case of burning biscuits, we would like to share that it is the characteristic of flour or oil related food products that they will combust or burn," the company said in a statement posted on its official Facebook page.

"However, this ability to combust has no direct correlation or effect on food safety."

The company said video clips were being circulated online "by disreputable and hostile individuals intended to tarnish the company’s product image and reputation".

They added that the Hup Seng Ping Pong Special Cream Crackers have previously been submitted in 2011 for laboratory tests for plasticisers and has already obtained proof that plasticisers were not detected. They will now be submitting the said crackers for another test to disprove these fresh set of allegations.

The storm has also appeared to calm down as many people began to express their support for Hup Seng after the company cleared the air

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Watch the video in question here:

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