Singapore NEA Lists 18 Cleaning Products That Are Effective In Fighting COVID-19

There is more to it than just hand sanitisers.

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In light of the recent coronavirus epidemic, Singapore's National Environment Agency (NEA) has released a list of household disinfectants and cleaning products that everyone can use

Examples of cleaning products.

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These items have active ingredients in them which are known to be effective against the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

NEA explained that each product typically comprises one of three active ingredients

These ingredients are: 

- Chloroxylenol,
- Quaternary ammonium compounds, and
- Sodium hypochlorite.

The statement includes a list of active ingredients so that you can screen products that you intend to buy for their effectiveness.

They also released guidelines with instructions on proper cleaning for contaminated premises

As soon as sodium hypochlorite is applied on metal, wipe away the residue after 10 minutes using a wet cloth to avoid corrosion.

NEA recommends locals to avoid the use of sprays on contaminated surfaces and allow the appropriate time needed to disinfect an area.

In addition, remember to avoid contact with the eyes and skin.

NEA also added that people whose homes may have been exposed to the Wuhan virus should sanitise by mopping the floors with disinfectant twice.

Before cleaning, they should also wear masks and gloves for protection and keep the windows open for ventilation. Taking a shower and changing clothes immediately after are also recommended.

Here are the products recommended by Singapore's NEA:

Protect yourself while you can!

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