Malaysian Schoolkids Will Learn How To Code Starting From Next Year

The subject will be incorporated to other subjects like mathematics and science.

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The subject of coding will officially be introduced to national schools starting from next year, according to Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) CEO Datuk Yasmin Mahmood

Datuk Yasmin Mahmood (Right) speaking at a forum organised by Google Malaysia last weekend.

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"We will be launching this thing called the digital maker movement next month, where coding is embedded as an official curriculum in schools, starting from standard three onwards,” she said at a forum organised by Google Malaysia.

She also said that the subject will not only be taught as part of the computer science syllabus, but also be incorporated into other subjects like mathematics and science

"It's been proven that coding, or computer science, is a very important driver towards higher thinking skills." she added.

According to Yasmin, a total of 22 schools around the nation are trying out the syllabus as a pilot project

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The idea behind the programme is to allow students to makers of technology rather than being mere consumers.

The full details of the programme will be revealed this August

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"It's very exciting because we will be one of the first few countries that will be doing this officially," she said.

We're really excited and glad this is happening! If only we had this in school back in our days!

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Most of us can't even write a simple line of code. :(

Speaking of coding, have you heard of the STEM CS (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science) programme?

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