People Are Livid Over A Migrant Worker Who Was Used As A Human Hand Sanitiser

The company expressed its "strong dissatisfaction" in a statement yesterday, 11 March.

Cover image via Twitter @HishamFageeh

A Saudi Arabian oil and gas giant has recently come under fire for dressing a worker as a human hand sanitiser

Twitter photos of the man went viral on Tuesday, 10 March, which showed the man wearing a surgical mask and appearing to walk around as a mobile hand sanitiser for staff in the building. 

After the incident blew up on the Internet, many netizens were enraged by the act and called it "classist" and "racist"

It was also called out for being another "disgusting example of coronavirus racism".

The oil giant, Saudi Aramco, has since expressed its "strong dissatisfaction with this abusive behaviour that was used to emphasise the importance of sanitisation" adding that it was done without approval from the company

It released a Twitter statement yesterday, 11 March, saying that they have taken "drastic measures" to ensure that this does not happen again.

The statement did not mention who arranged for the man to be a dispenser or if there was any compensation or apology given to him.

In response to the statement, one netizen tweeted a drawing of the man by @A_RahmanBoland along with a caption:

"The most important thing is to not just stop the act, but to punish those who were behind this heinous, inhuman act and compensate the worker financially and apologise to him."

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