A Baby Locked In An SUV Was Rescued By Convicts Who Knew How To Break Into Cars

The baby's parents had told authorities that they could not afford a locksmith.

Cover image via Shadow Lantry/Facebook

Five convicts recently put their lock-picking skills to good use by breaking into an SUV to rescue a baby in Florida, United States

According to CNN, the convicts were allowed to break into the car by accompanying police officers. 

The incident happened on 14 February in Pasco County, Florida.

The one-year-old baby girl was accidentally locked in the SUV by her father

Shadow Lantry, the baby's mother, told CNN that the man had strapped the baby into a car seat in the back of the SUV.

However, he closed the back door of the SUV after tossing his keys to the front seat, which left the vehicle locked. 

The group of convicts, who were repairing medians nearby, offered to help the couple

According to NBC News, the couple told authorities that they could not afford a locksmith to break into the car. 

The rescue, filmed by Lantry, shows the convicts using a clothes hanger to jimmy the lock of the SUV. It took about two minutes to unlock the car. 

The baby was unharmed.

"Thank God for the criminals in the world. I respect all of you," the baby's mother was heard saying in the video. 

Sheriff Chris Nocco, who was in charge of the convicts, commented on the incident

"There's only a very small percentage of those criminals out there that want to fight us and want to attack us," Nocco said, according to CNN.

"But a lot of them, like these individuals, they know they made bad mistakes, bad choices, but they want to do the right thing in life," he added.

Watch the rescue in full here:

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