Las Vegas Mass Shooting Is One Of The Deadliest In US History. Here's What We Know So Far

The suspect killed 59 people and injured another 527.

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A gunman opened fire at a country music festival near the Mandalay Bay casino in Las Vegas, United States, on 2 October

There were some 22,000 concertgoers at the Route 91 Harvest Festival when the suspect opened fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel.

The incident has been described as one of the deadliest mass shootings in US history, with at least 59 people killed and 527 people injured.

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Here are some of the key highlights from the case:

1. The suspected shooter has been identified as Stephen Paddock

Stephen Paddock (right) was found dead in the hotel room

Image via AP via NY Post

He was found dead in his 32nd-floor room at the hotel. Police believe that he shot himself in an apparent suicide.

Paddock was a 64-year-old retired accountant who lived in an upscale retirement community in Mesquite, Nevada. It was reported that he was divorced with no known children.

2. Police found multiple guns and ammunition in the suspect's hotel room

The Guardian reported that the authorities recovered 23 guns in the suspect's hotel room.

A law enforcement source revealed that the guns found in the room are mostly military-style rifles. The source said that at least one of the weapons was modified with a legal device to enable the shooter to rapidly fire off rounds.

In addition to the weapons found in the hotel room, police also retrieved 19 firearms, explosives, and several thousands of rounds of ammunition from the suspect's home in Nevada.

Stephen Paddock's house near Las Vegas.

Image via Laura Bicker/BBC

3. The suspect's brother said he was completely dumbfounded that Stephen Paddock committed such a heinous crime

Image via The Guardian

According to media reports, Eric Paddock said that Stephen was "perfectly fine" and the family have "no idea" how the incident happened.

"There's absolutely no way I can even conceive that my brother would shoot a bunch of people he didn't even know," Eric Paddock told the USA Today.

"There's no rationale. There's nothing anywhere that said why he did this."

4. ISIS has claimed responsibility over the massacre

Image via The Guardian

The extremist group has claimed that the Las Vegas shooter was "a soldier" who had converted to Islam months ago, AP News reported.

ISIS-linked outlet Amaq News Agency, said in a series of messages, that the gunman had carried out the operation to target countries fighting the militants but offered no evidence.

"From a hotel overlooking a music concert, (Paddock) opened fire on one of the groups, leaving 600 dead or injured, until using up his ammunition and becoming a martyr," it said.

5. Despite the claim of responsibility by ISIS, the FBI has said that the shooter "had no connection to an international terrorist group"

Special Agent in Charge Aaron Rouse made the announcement, refuting claims by the ISIS that a "soldier of the Islamic State" was behind the mass shooting incident.

Rouse said that there was no evidence of any link to the terrorist group.

"As this investigation continues we will continue to work with our partners to ensure that this is factually, thoroughly and absolutely investigated to be able to bring comfort and peace back to this community," he said, as reported by The Independent.

6. Democratic lawmakers have urged the US Congress to review gun laws following the tragic incident

Several Democrats including Senator Chris Murphy and Senator Richard Blumenthal, have renewed demands for tighter gun laws, including tougher background checks for gun buyers.

"Thoughts and prayers are NOT enough. Not when more moms and dads will bury kids this week, and more sons and daughters will grow up without parents," Senator Elizabeth Warren said in a tweet.

"Tragedies like Las Vegas have happened too many times. We need to have the conversation about how to stop gun violence. We need it NOW," she added.

This comes as Republican Mitch McConnell responded to the incident on the Senate floor and called for "national mourning" and prayer.

"What happened in Las Vegas is shocking, it's tragic and for those affected and their families, it's devastating. It's hard to even imagine their pain. I hope they know we are praying for them now, I hope they will find strength in the love and kindness of those around them in this hour of darkness and pain," McConnell was quoted as saying by Washington Examiner.

A candlelight vigil to remember the shooting victims was held at Town Square in Las Vegas.

Image via Gina Ferazzi/LA Times

The police are still working to establish the shooter's motive behind the mass shooting

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