Couple Aiming To Create First EV World Tour Record Crashes Into Perodua Bezza In KL

The electric vehicle kicked off its world tour in China before being involved in the accident in Malaysia.

Cover image via @asrijanggut78 (TikTok)

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A couple's ambitious attempt to set a record for the first-ever electric vehicle (EV) world tour encountered a setback when their newly purchased BYD EV collided with a Perodua Bezza in Kuala Lumpur

The couple had envisioned a thrilling journey across numerous countries, including Thailand, Laos, China, Europe, Africa, and more, in their eco-friendly electric vehicle, reported New Straits Times today, 2 August.

The couple began their journey in China before being involved in the accident in Malaysia.

A 17-second clip posted on TikTok by user @asrijanggut78 went viral, attracting over 61,700 views. The video captured the aftermath of the accident, showing a heavily damaged blue Perodua Bezza.

The EV is believed to have rear-ended the Perodua Bezza, and two other vehicles — a Proton Saga and a Mazda — were also involved in the accident.

The video was captioned, "EV car on a mission to travel the globe starting from China, had an accident in Kuala Lumpur..."

The video of the accident prompted various reactions from people in the comment section, with some playfully teasing that navigating Malaysian traffic can be a challenge for foreign drivers.

A user humorously remarked, "(They) haven't seen flying Myvi. That is just an introduction from Bezza."

Meanwhile, another user made a tongue-in-cheek observation, claiming, "Malaysia is one of the most dangerous countries to drive."

According to one user, traffic had come to a halt, but the BYD driver failed to stop in time, leading to the unfortunate collision.

Others speculated whether the accident was due to human error or a malfunction, and some expressed concerns about the couple's ability to complete their world tour if they encountered difficulties navigating Malaysian roads.

Watch the video here:


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