A Couple In China Sold Their New Born Baby To Buy What?

A young Chinese couple are facing criminal punishment for “selling” their infant daughter and using the proceeds to buy a product that we're all too familiar with. Are people losing their mind over gadgets or what?

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The woman gave birth at home, and shortly after began to post an online advertisement for someone to take her daughter

Besides reportedly telling everyone that Ms. Zhang's baby bump was a tumor, the couple allegedly resorted to a home birth and exchanged their baby for a cash payment.

Prosecution in court said their ad stated they would consider parting with the child in exchange for 50,000 yuan — about $8,200. After the baby was born, they delivered her to one of the advertisement responders, prosecutors said.

That same day the couple’s bank account reflected a large cash deposit.

After the alleged "trade," the couple reportedly went on an online shopping spree, purchasing an iPhone and high-end athletic shoes, among other items.
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The couple, known only as Mr. Teng and Ms. Zhang, admitted the baby was given to another family but they claim it was given away not for money.

“We did not give the baby away for money but in order to give it more security” with a family that could provide an education, they said, The Telegraph reported.
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Prosecutors call the transaction a “sinister conspiracy” to sell the baby and say credit card bills from the couple seized after the money was deposited show several purchases.

Chinese netizens have taken to the Web to weigh in on the couple's consumer behavior.

"So cold-blooded! These people do not deserve the right to be parents!" said Wangzhan1969 in a microblog posting.

"This is good business -- no capital, huge profit and no need to sell kidneys," said another posting.

Apple products are a sign of status in China.

Possessing an iPhone or an iPad represents prestige and class regardless of how much money they actually have in the bank.
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