"It's Free!" — Netizens Amazed By Japanese Govt's Huge COVID-19 Care Box For Travellers

Netizens from other countries called out their own governments for the lack of a similar response.

Cover image via The Commonwealth Fund & FriedCheeseCurdz (Reddit)

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The use of applications and other delivery services to get essential items makes it a little less challenging when you're stuck in home quarantine.

But what if you didn't have to pay for any of the food items delivered to your doorstep?

A Reddit user shared a picture of a COVID-19 care package they received during their quarantine period in Japan showing the amount of food and other essential items the government sent to them.

The large carton included packets of Japanese udon, soba, bottles of water, rice, tuna cans, dried soup, packaged fruits, coffee, and other drinks and refreshments — all for one person!

The user also shared their quarantine experience in Tokyo, saying after they got infected by the coronavirus, authorities asked if they wanted to stay in a hotel. After they declined, they asked if they wanted food to be sent to his home. 

Much to their surprise, free food was delivered to their doorstep. But it was the amount given in the care package that was even more impressive.

Image via Reddit

The post also prompted another user to share their positive self isolation experience in Japan:

Image via Reddit

The country's Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health website says that in addition to daily health checks by health authorities, those in home quarantine can also request for food to be delivered to their doorsteps

The amount of food delivered is three cardboard boxes per person, as shown in their guideline:

Many other commenters responded with their own experiences, with users from Thailand, Germany, and New Zealand saying they were provided with similar care packages.

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

However, others in the US and the UK called out their own governments for the lack of a similar response

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

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