MP Wants Shopping Malls & Mamak Stalls To Close Early So That People Have More Family Time

"Nights should be family time. Eat at home with the family."

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All shopping malls in Malaysia should be closed by 8pm, an UMNO lawmaker said yesterday, 17 November

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Rompin MP Datuk Hasan Arifin has urged the government to restrict the operating hours of shopping malls in the country during the 2017 Budget debate on the urban well-being, housing and local government ministry, Free Malaysia Today reported.

He also said that the government should halt the building of new shopping malls.

According to Hasan, this was to encourage families to spend more time together at home.

Aside from shopping malls, he also proposed that mamak eateries should be closed by midnight.

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairman claims that Malaysia will be less dependent on foreign workers if malls are closed early

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He added that foreigners are surprised that shopping complexes in the country are usually open till 8pm.

"If we go to Western countries, shopping complexes are closed by 7pm," he was quoted as saying.

Responding to the matter, Seputeh MP Teresa Kok said that this proposal would have a great impact on Malaysians rather than on foreign workers

"Who goes to shopping complexes during working hours? Your suggestion will affect locals more than foreign workers,” she reportedly said, adding that Malaysians go to shopping malls to have dinner after working hours.

The DAP lawmaker also brought up the point that Middle East tourists prefer shopping at night too.

However, in defence, Hasan said that foreigners will usually adapt to the local culture when they visit other countries

When visiting Western countries, foreigners will adapt to their culture where shopping malls close by 7pm, he said.

He insisted that Malaysians should change their culture and start spending more time at home with their families rather than roaming around outside till late at night.

"Nights should be family time. Eat at home with the family."

It appears that many netizens did not like that idea at all as they argued that Malaysia adopts different business model and culture from the Western countries

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Over the years, there have been calls to ban late-night eateries: