Woman Bought A Balut Egg From A Puchong Restaurant And It Hatched Into A Cute Duckling!

You'll never look at balut the same way again.

Cover image via @daily_daisy_duck/Bored Panda

Two years ago, a curious Malaysian woman bought balut eggs from a restaurant in Puchong and decided to hatch them at home

According to Bored Panda, 39-year-old Erica Lim made her own incubator out of Styrofoam and heated lamps, then placed the eggs inside.

Balut eggs are developing bird embryos (usually ducks) that are often boiled and sold as a controversial delicacy in Philippines.

After two weeks of caring for the eggs, Erica revealed that some of them were premature and could not survive... until one little duckling hatched!

Here's a cute video of the duck hatching:

Image via Bored Panda

Erica instantly fell in love with her new friend, who she named Daisy but also, affectionately calls Bibit

From a small, yellow ball of fluff, Daisy eventually grew into a majestic duck - who loves playing with water

Erica told Star2 in an interview that Daisy loves sneaking into the bathroom to splash around in her tub.

However, when it becomes too quiet, Erica said that it usually means that Daisy is up to no good and possibly destroying something in the bathroom.

Despite being a little mischievous at times, Daisy enjoys spending time with her 'mother' watching movies

Erica even snuck Daisy into a cinema once and said that she was surprisingly extremely calm and well-behaved throughout the movie, Star2 revealed.

Daisy at the cinema.

Image via @daily_daisy_duck/Instagram

Erica described Daisy as being "charming and attentive" and the two have since become the best of friends

According to her owner, Daisy now hatches an egg every 25 hours – providing them with an unlimited supply of eggs!


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