Curry Laksa & CKT Listed Among Best Traditional Dishes In The World But Credited To S'pore

At least nasi lemak was rightfully credited. :p

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In what feels like a potong stim moment, char kuey teow and curry laksa were recently listed as some of the best traditional dishes in the world... but credited to Singapore

TasteAtlas lists the dishes under its top 100 best traditional dishes from around the world.

Started in 2018, the global food atlas website has compiled 10,000 of the world's best meals and ingredients, along with recommendations by local food experts on where to eat the dishes.

Although both char kuey teow and curry laksa were accredited to Singapore, the descriptions note that the dishes can also be commonly found in other Asian countries like Malaysia and Indonesia.

They are just different versions of it.

Okay, so it's not all thattt bad.

At least our beloved nasi lemak and hokkien mee also made the list and was rightfully credited. :p

"No other dish in Malaysia is as famous as nasi lemak," wrote TasteAtlas, followed by a short description of the nation's popular breakfast meal.

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Meanwhile, hokkien mee is noted to have its origins in China and is said to be popular in both Singapore and Malaysia.

"The Malaysian version has a typical broth made with prawns and pork ribs, and it is commonly prepared with pork slices, bean sprouts, lard, sambal, pork skin, and hard-boiled eggs, while the Singaporean version is made with stock, prawns, clams, dried fish, and meat," its description read.

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Also on the list is som tum from Thailand, sashimi from Japan, and crispy pata from Philippines

Some of the other dishes listed and credited to Singapore includes: fish head curry, duck rice, Hainanese chicken rice, and chilli crab.

Sorry, we're just tad bit salty about this, Singapore. :p

Interestingly enough, KL's curry laksa took second place out of 500 entries on Lonely Planet's 'Ultimate Eatlist' last year:

The battle to claim food as Malaysian or Singaporean has been going on forever:

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