Woman Shares What It's Like To Witness A Customer Verbally Abuse Restaurant Waiters

The incident happened when the woman was dining in a hot pot restaurant in Kota Damansara.

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Whoever popularised the phrase "the customer is always right" needs a reality check, if this story is anything to go by

Facebook user Lim and her companion were dining at a hot pot restaurant in Kota Damansara when a middle-aged couple seated next to them pretty much defined what it means to be "customers from hell". 

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According to Lim's Facebook post, the man was already rude to the waitstaff from the moment they set foot in the restaurant

"On Sunday when we were eating at [hot pot restaurant] in Kota Damansara, we met these two almighty people who looked down on people who work in the restaurant," Lim wrote.

She added that when the waitstaff greeted the couple "Welcome!" in Mandarin ("欢迎光临", pinyin: huan yin guang lin), the man replied, "What 'good morning'? Are you sure now is morning?" with a "jerk face". 

Lim recalled that the man yelled at a waiter and complained about the food throughout the meal. They also stubbornly insisted on paying with a credit card despite being told about the restaurant's cash-only policy.

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Apparently, when the waiter asked the man which part of the table they'd prefer to have their pot placed on as per standard procedure, he launched into a rant.

"How do I know where to put? You work here and your serve me so you should know better right?! This doesn't make sense! How can you ask me?!" Lim quoted the man.

Noting that the restaurant only accepts cash payments, Lim wrote, "These two insisted on paying with credit card and kept saying, 'It doesn't make sense that we cannot pay by card. Now a lot of people use credit card. You should let people pay by card...' bla bla bla.

The whole time they were complaining about the food. Saying that it will be their first and last."

In the comments section, Lim's dining companion added that the man kept complaining about "flies everywhere in the shop" even though Lim and her friend did not see a single fly in their section

"Funny thing is that they can still finish their food even though they mentioned it will be their first and last," Lim's friend wrote. 

"And you forgot to mention something too, the old man exaggerated that there was a 'big fly flying around, but we did not see the fly in our section even though we were just sitting next to them. Then the old man started complaining that there are flies everywhere in the shop.

"Kudos to the supervisor who handled it with a big smile."

Praising the restaurant supervisor for remaining calm and polite throughout the couple's patronage, Lim wrote, "The workers are also human and they treated them like s***. Made other people uncomfortable! If [the restaurant's] service is really that bad, there won't be a long queue outside the restaurant!" 

Speaking to SAYS, Lim added that she did not tell the man off at the time because she did not want to disturb other customers. 

"I did ask the supervisor if he's okay and told him that he did well (in handling the couple." 

Lim's post about her experience has been making its rounds on Facebook, with many criticising the couple for being "rude", "unreasonable", and "inconsiderate"

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One commenter actually recognised the couple from her own unpleasant experience with the man, whom she said made a ruckus because a new employee was simply not aware of an ongoing promotion

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What would you have done if you encountered a fellow customer being unreasonable towards retail workers? Let us know in the comments section below.

Tbh, working in retail is more than just standing on your feet for hours:

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