Customer In Kedah Complains 7-Dish Meal For 9 People At RM148 Total Was 'Very Expensive'

The restaurant owner shared that the customer claimed they had ordered "only a few dishes".

Cover image via Sin Chew & Samz Wong (Facebook)

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Over the week, a Chinese restaurant owner in Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia, took to Facebook to express his bewilderment over a customer's complaint that the food served was "very expensive"

The owner, Samz Wong, shared on his Facebook page on Thursday, 7 April, that a group of nine customers were served seven items for lunch at his Restaurant Chai Por Hu last Saturday, 2 April.

The total bill for the seven-dish meal came up at RM148.40.

However, when one of the customers came to pay after the meal, he complained that the food was "very expensive" as they had ordered "only a few dishes", Wong wrote in his post that has since gone viral.

A variety of dishes were ordered, including fish that cost RM39, a prawn-based dish that cost RM17, and prime pork ribs that cost RM17

They were also served braised tofu, rice, and beverages.

A Sin Chew report stated that the dishes were served to eight adults and one child.

According to Wong, because the customer always comes first when you do business, he did not try to explain himself. But he has not been able to stop thinking about the incident ever since.

When Wong calculated the restaurant's profits from last month, he found that the average profit of a single order is less than 30%

"Why do some people think it is expensive? Doesn't anyone know about the rise in chicken prices, pork prices, cooking oil prices, imported food prices, and plastic container prices?" Wong questioned.

"Business owners like us do not dare to raise prices in order to keep old customers," he said, adding that the prices on the menu have never increased, except for fried chilli, which is charged RM2 extra.

Wong went on to say that RM150 is not even enough to get fish, meat, and vegetables at the market and that it doesn't include the cost of labour required to prepare the meal for nine people.

Emphasising the fact that his restaurant prices haven't changed since 2019, Wong urged the public to check out the prices in the markets

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