Dad Celebrates With Fireworks After His 11-Year-Old Son Scored 7% In His Exam

He even sent a video of the fireworks display to his relatives and friends.

Cover image via Sin Chew Daily/YouTube (edited)

A father in China recently went against the stereotype of Asian parenting by celebrating his son's exam results with fireworks

Image via Sin Chew Daily

Sin Chew Daily reported that the man filled up his car with fireworks before lighting them up near a hill in Suqian city, China. 

In a video, the man said he wanted to celebrate his 11-year-old son's achievement in his exam – 7%

The man thought his son deserved the extravagant celebration as he had been getting zeroes in his exams

Hence, once he found out that his son obtained 7% in a recent exam, the man decided to spend RMB1000 (approximately RM600) on fireworks to "encourage" his son. 

The fireworks display reportedly lasted for over 10 minutes.

Image via YouTube

The man claimed that the fireworks display had a positive effect on the boy as he eventually obtained a whopping 57% in another test

In the video he took of himself, the man even joked about finding a future wife for his son now that he is doing better in his exams. 

He then sent it to his relatives and friends. 

You can watch the fireworks display here:

This man is definitely parenting goals!

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