Dad Kills His Son For Real While Playing A Virtual Reality Game

A New Taipei City teenager is dead and his father is in police custody after a video game session turned violent.

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A 16-year-old boy in Taiwan was stabbed to death by his 36-year-old father during a video game session on a Nintendo Wii console

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A man surnamed Liu (劉) was being questioned by police in Bali District (八里) on suspicion of attacking and killing his 16-year-old son with a knife. The teenager was rushed to hospital, but died despite emergency treatment.

An investigating police officer said Liu, the father, was at home playing the video game Dynasty Warriors with his son

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The game is based on the Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms and has players assume roles to battle one another using virtual swords and other weapons.

The son was instructing his father how to play the game, as it was his first time. A disagreement broke out over how to best play the game, and the virtual-reality scenario turned into real-life tragedy.

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Liu allegedly used a fish knife and stabbed his son twice in the chest, the officer said. The mother rushed into the living room upon hearing the commotion and found the boy lying motionless in a pool of blood.

Liu is a contractor for an interior decorating firm, and his son was a senior-high school student

Liu was quoted by police as saying that he had been drinking alcohol and became agitated while playing with his son. He said he regretted his actions, which resulted in his son’s death.

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