Dead Crow Falls Into Restaurant's Soup After Being Shot By City Council Official In Penang

The Seberang Prai City Council (MBSP) has acknowledged the inconvenience it caused to the restaurant.

Cover image via TwinCafe Sup88 (Facebook)

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A dead crow fell into a pot of soup in front of a restaurant after being shot by a city council official in Simpang Ampat, Penang

The incident occurred during the Crow Sharpshooter operation conducted by the Seberang Prai City Council (MBSP) on 18 May.

According to a video posted by the restaurant, TwinCafe Sup88, the crow's lifeless body can be seen being removed from a large pot of soup.

The restaurant owner stated that they suffered over RM2,000 in losses as the soup contained numerous ingredients and required long hours of cooking.

"The sudden crow shooting resulted in one of them falling into the soup. See the lid? The crow's blood and feathers have stained it.

"How can we serve this soup to our customers? We have no choice but to discard it.

"The capital used to make the soup cost over RM1,000... The crow's blood has contaminated the soup," lamented the restaurant owner in the video.

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Image from TwinCafe Sup88 (Facebook)
Image via TwinCafe Sup88 (Facebook)

In a statement, MBSP acknowledged the inconvenience caused to the restaurant and stated that it has communicated with the owner regarding the necessary follow-up actions to address the issue

"MBSP would like to inform the public that we always strive to ensure that every event organised by us proceeds smoothly and safely.

"At the same time, MBSP is vigilant and proactive in contingency planning with follow-up action plans in the event of any unexpected incidents, as occurred during the recent Crow Sharpshooter operation.

"MBSP expresses gratitude for everyone's cooperation in ensuring that any issues are resolved peacefully. We advise all parties to exercise caution and take appropriate steps to avoid any unwanted incidents," read the statement.

Below is the video showing the removal of the dead crow from the soup pot. Viewer discretion is advised:

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