Deadly Tropical Storm Jangmi Is NOT Headed Towards Sabah, But There's Still Need For Worry

However, several districts in Sabah have been warned to expect heavy rainfall in the next two days, with low lying areas at the risk of floods.

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On 30 December, a report in The Rakyat Post stated that tropical storm Jangmi, "currently 665km northeast of Sandakan", is heading towards Sabah "at a speed of 15kph" and is expected to cause bad weather. It cited Malaysian Meteorological Department.

However, another report in the MalayMail state that the Sabah Meteorological Department's director Malek Tussin has denied reports of tropical storm Jangmi passing through the state, adding that intermittent to moderate rainfall is expected over the state

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“The closest the storm will get to Sabah is approximately 665 km northeast of Sandakan, travelling through the Sulu Sea,” he said when contacted by Malay Mail Online.

“This condition may cause strong winds of 40 to 60 kmph and waves up to 3.5 metres over the waters off the waters of Kudat, Sandakan and Tawau and may pose a threat to marine activities including fishing vessels and ferry services,” he said.

As per the MalayMail, the reports about Jangmi spread through a memo from the State Security Council to district offices for flood preparations and precautionary measures. Turns out the memo was just a routine precautionary reminder during rainy season.

The rumours, spread through social media, claimed of a memo from the State Security Council to district offices for flood preparations and precautionary measures. It was followed by a warning that Jangmi would be spread throughout major districts in Sabah.

State Security Council secretary Rodzi Mohd Saad also said that the rumours of Jangmi passing through Sabah was not true.

“We are only authorised to coordinate disaster relief efforts. Anything regarding the weather is under the Meteorological Department,” he said adding that the memo was just a routine precautionary reminder during rainy season.

However, according to Malek Tussin, it would still cause heavy rain in certain areas in Sabah and is expected to continue until Thursday. He advised that caution be taken at all times and to heed the message's recommendations, reports Daily Express.

The message among others instructed all district officers in Tongod, Pitas, Beluran, Kota Marudu, Kudat, Kota Belud, Kinabatangan, Lahad Datu, Keningau, Tenom, Beaufort and Nabawan to take the initiatives and meet with village heads in their respective districts.

It also instructed those living in flood-prone areas to be ready with enough food supply for two weeks, keep their important documents in a safe place, move out as soon as water reaches two feet deep or 0.75 metre, follow instructions from the relevant authority and ensure they have enough batteries for communication equipment.

Meanwhile, as per a report in the, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center's forecast tracks Jangmi toward the border of southern Thailand and northern Malaysia around 3 January 2015

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Jangmi is expected to continue moving toward Palawan, and into the South China Sea. The extended forecast track takes the storm to landfall in the Malayan peninsula by January 4, 2015.

In view of these conflicting reports about bad weather, SAYS advises its readers to be alert. As a storm in Penang last night, 30 December, damaged about 450 homes in Balik Pulau, sending some 200 out of their homes into relief centres.

Zinc roofs were blown away, trees uprooted and electric cables ripped off during a freak eight-hour storm that struck various places here.

The strong winds, which blew at an estimated 50kph starting from 8pm on Monday, damaged about 500 houses and shops, affecting some 1,500 people.

Among the worst affected areas were Kampung Sungai Rusa and Kampung Permatang Pasir. Other areas included Sungai Pinang, Jalan Baru, Kuala Jalan Baru, Pantai Acheh and Kuala Sungai Pinang.

More than 200 people had been temporarily evacuated to three relief centres - the Permatang Pasir mosque, Sungai Rusa Primary School and Teluk Bahang assemblyman Datuk Shah Headan Hussain Ayob Shah's service centre in Sungai Rusa - following the storm.

Watch the freak storm that hit Balik Pulau:

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