Desperate Postal Voter In Texas Bumps Into Malaysian Pilot And The Rest Was History

In spite of receiving a late postal ballot paper, this one woman was determined to make her vote count no matter what.

Cover image via Kristina Mariswamy/Facebook

With all the late postal ballot paper hoo-has, one Malaysian postal voter was determined to make her vote count and did the most unconventional and shameless thing

In a Facebook post, she shared that she had literally just received her postal ballot paper at noon on Monday, 7 May in Houston, Texas

As elections are only a few hours away, she felt like there was no way that she could send her vote back to Malaysia in time.

At 5pm that same day however, she received a text message from a fellow Malaysian, whom she did not know personally, asking her if she was trying to send her ballot paper home.

She shared that the person suggested for her to head to the airport to try and catch passengers who were boarding the 1am flight to Kuala Lumpur via Taipei.

In a desperate attempt to race against time, she rushed to the airport, and held up signs asking passengers if they were heading back to Malaysia and if they were able to bring her ballot paper back on behalf of her

Lo and behold, she met a Malaysian pilot who was heading home to vote as well, and he said 'Yes' to delivering her vote back!

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What are the odds. We're super happy things worked out for you, girl!

The post has had over 2,000 Facebook shares since it was posted this afternoon. You can view her full post below:

Also, don't forget to bookmark the SAYS GE14 website for real-time poll results tomorrow. Happy voting!

Image via SAYS

Elections is coming up in a few hours! Are you ready?

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