"Like 'Hantu' Feet"— M'sian's Experience Buying Chicken Feet Soup Leaves Netizens Repulsed

The man claimed that he only noticed the dirty chicken feet when he got home for iftar.

Cover image via Syed Muhammad (Facebook) & My Weekend Plan

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A man recently expressed an unpleasant experience he had when buying chicken feet soup at a Ramadan bazaar

In a Facebook post made on 27 March, Syed Muhammad shared his experience of buying two packets of chicken rice, and requesting chicken feet to go along with his soup. 

However, upon returning home to prepare for iftar, he realised that the chicken feet still had claws on and dirt on the skin. 

The post has since been circulating social media. It was reposted by @mkhairulazri on Twitter, and has gained over 1,000 retweets.

"Buyer: Kak, give me two packets of chicken rice, if there's chicken feet in the soup, that would be good too."

"Seller: Sure, RM12. The chicken feet soup, I'll give it to you for free.

"Buyer: Alhamdulillah, thank you. May many good things befall you. Aamiin.

"But when [I] returned home to prepare for breaking fast, [I] looked at the soup?

"Okay, tomorrow I'm going back to the stall to take back my well wishes," the Facebook post wrote.

While some made lighthearted jokes of the situation, other Malaysians expressed disgust and questioned the hygiene of the seller

Replying to the repost on Twitter, netizens jokingly compared the chicken feet to movie characters, ghosts, and heavy metal album covers.

"This looks like a sample chicken kept for students to learn the anatomy of chicken feet," one user commented.

Another user said, "It looks like a ghost's feet."

Some were disgusted at the seller's lack of hygiene.

"Why couldn't [they] just remove the claw? My throat flared," one user lamented.

Another user tweeted, "Chicken claws should be removed (for those who are squeamish). You don't know what it has scratched. Even if it was clean, if the claw detaches and gets lodged in your throat, it becomes another issue."

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