Divorced Man Dies From A Fall While Trying To Escape From His Lover's Husband In Melaka

The deceased and his lover first met in 2005 and they rekindled their relationship a few years ago behind her husband's back.

Cover image via Phoenix Men's Counseling & New Straits Times

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A 46-year-old divorcee has died from a fall at a flat in Melaka while he was trying to escape from his lover's husband

According to New Straits Times, the man fell from the fourth floor of the building in Bemban, Jasin.

The incident happened when his 37-year-old lover's husband suddenly returned home at 11.47am yesterday, 26 June.

The man clung to a clothesline tied to an iron pole to descend from the fourth floor.

He fell during the escape and suffered from severe head injuries. The 46-year-old was confirmed dead at the scene.

Jasin district police chief DSP Mispani Hamdan said the deceased went to his lover's house at midnight on Saturday, 25 June, and spent the night at her place

The lover is said to be a mother of three.

Mispani revealed that the man and his lover were in the living room at 10.30am before the lover's husband suddenly returned home and found out about the man's presence, reported Harian Metro.

"The husband immediately locked the front door grille of the home, causing the lovers to be trapped, and called the police," he said.

"Although the woman asked her lover to sort it out with her husband, the man, who was a trader, sought to escape by tying a clothesline to an iron pole in the corridor to climb down.

"The woman, who was in the living room, only saw her lover from a distance before hearing a bang outside the corridor."

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When the woman looked down, she saw the man lying motionless on the ground, said Mispani

"A physical examination of the deceased, who was fully dressed (when found), found traces of soil and blood on his swollen face. His left arm was broken, too," related the district police chief.

He said the deceased's body was sent to the Jasin Hospital Forensic Unit for post-mortem.

The woman said she and the deceased first met 17 years ago in 2005, but they went separate ways and married their new partners.

"In 2017, the deceased divorced his wife before rekindling his relationship with the woman despite knowing she was married," Mispani added.

"They were having an affair without the husband's knowledge."

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