Doctor Warns Of Fake Dentists After Pulling Out Patient's 'Awful' RM500 Dentures

The dentist said the dentures were so bad that the rest of the patient's teeth could not be saved.

Cover image via @ArepJawa (Twitter)

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Editor's note: This story contains images that may be graphic to some. Viewer discretion is advised.

A dentist has taken to social media to warn the public about fake and unlicensed practitioners, especially after discovering a recent patient's very badly-made dentures

Dr Arif, who works in a government clinic in Kota Tinggi, Johor Bahru, shared on Twitter that the 52-year-old patient came to see him one day due to pain.

"The patient said his teeth felt very loose and it hurt whenever he ate," he wrote.

Dr Arif.

Image via @ArepJawa (Twitter)

Having a look at the patient's mouth, the dentist said he immediately saw something was wrong and wondered where the patient got his dentures fixed

"Encik, where did you get your false teeth done?" he asked the patient.

The man replied, "Oh, at a private clinic in Kuala Lumpur."

"What's the name of the clinic?" he asked again, to which the patient said he did not know.

Sensing that the patient was not telling the truth, Dr Arif asked frankly if he went to a dentist that was operating from a hotel, house, or rented room.

"Oh yaaa, it was at a hotel!" was the reply.

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Image from @ArepJawa (Twitter)
Image via @ArepJawa (Twitter)

Dr Arif told SAYS that the dentures were "so awful" that, combined with the patient's own poor oral hygiene, the rest of his teeth had to be extracted

"Yes, the dentures were really bad, because it did not restore the normal bite for the patient. His oral hygiene was also dreadful, leading to other problems such as gum issues and his teeth loosening," he said.

"The dentures were definitely done by a fake dentist," he also wrote on Twitter.

"I was shocked to see the condition of this patient's teeth. I thought there were only fake braces and veneers, but turns out, there are also fake dentures!"

He then slowly found out that the patient had the dentures fixed about two years ago because he wanted to get married.

The patient said he was embarrassed about missing some teeth, so when he saw a dentist doing dentures for RM500 at a hotel, which he thought was a cheap offer, he immediately went for it.

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Top view of the dentures.

Top view of the dentures.

Image via @ArepJawa (Twitter)
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Bottom view of the dentures.

Bottom view of the dentures.

Image via @ArepJawa (Twitter)

The certified dentist said it was a pity that the patient sought out a fraud to fix his teeth, which resulted in the poor dental condition that he is currently facing

"Because he tried to take a shortcut, this man had to have all his teeth extracted, top and bottom. They cannot be saved because the dentures that he wore had no quality at all. They did nothing to restore his function or bite. Worse yet, there were metal wires everywhere," he explained.

He added that getting full dentures done – both top and bottom jaw – in a government clinic only costs about RM100. Meanwhile, partial dentures cost much less.

Dr Arif advised others to learn these three lessons from his post:
– Take care of your teeth from young. It's better to prevent than cure.
– Go for regular dental check-ups. See a certified dentist at least twice a year, so that if there are any issues with your teeth, treatment can be done early.
– Do not fall for fake dentists advertising low-cost treatment or those who provide services in places other than a certified dental clinic.

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