Did Dr. Wan Azizah Break The Rules When She Ate Nasi Lemak On The KTM Train?

Well... not really.

Cover image via SAYS

Who would've thought that a couple of photos of PKR President Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail eating nasi lemak on-the-go would've gone viral? Well, that's exactly what happened.

The photos, which were posted on Facebook yesterday (12 August), generated quite a heated discussion between Dr. Wan Azizah's supporters and adversaries on whether or not Dr. Wan Azizah has broken public transport rules

Many were quick to point out that it is against the rules to eat or drink on public transport such as the LRT, MRT, Monorail, and KTM Komuter, where Dr. Wan Azizah is believed to be on

Pro-government FB page 'Friends of BN - Barisan Nasional' created a graphic questioning Dr. Wan Azizah's adequacy as a prime role model for the people

A certain Dato' Melvin Loh even went as far as to take pictures of himself holding up a piece of paper saying "STOP NO FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED" and a packet of nasi lemak next to some prohibition signs at an unspecified LRT station to demand an explanation

Turns out, Dr. Wan Azizah was taking the Electric Train Service (ETS) from KL Sentral to Ipoh...

... Where eating is actually allowed. Dr. Wan Azizah was on a KTM Komuter because the ETS is currently using KTM trains in addition to a limited number of ETS trains, as new sets have yet to be approved for operation

Facebook user King Jason pointed out that there is even a cafeteria in every ETS train that sells nasi lemak, amongst other food items

So, the moral of the story is... please do your research before commenting on social media, guys!

Especially if you're a Facebook page with thousands of followers. ;)

Are you a fan of nasi lemak? Then you might want to take note of some cooling down tips to quell the 'sambal' fire in your mouth:

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