BMW Driver Rams Through Railing And Falls 10 Metres After Stepping On Wrong Pedal

She had to make a U-turn to exit the compound.

Cover image via Stomp/Zao Bao

A 67-year-old woman was taken to the hospital after she crashed her car through a railing, and fell 10 metres onto a road on 9 August in Singapore

Image via Stomp

She is believed to have stepped on the wrong pedal while trying to make a U-turn, after purchasing some flowers from a nursery

Her car crashed through a metal railing and fell 10 metres onto the road below, where it hit a lamp post and landed in an overturned position.

Image via Zao Bao
Image via Zao Bao

An employee at the nursery told Shin Min Daily News that there is only one entrance at the nursery. Drivers have to go up a slope and make a U-turn before they can exit.

He also said that the woman was a regular customer, which was why he recognised her BMW.

The woman was conscious when she was taken to the hospital.

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