This Australian Guy Needed An Excuse To Skip Exams, So He Chose To Have “Period Pain”

"Male periods" are real now?

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"The dog ate my homework" is quite possibly the worst excuse when it comes to school, right?

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A male student from Australia has taken excuses to a new low after telling his lecturers that he needed to retake his exam due to... "period pain"

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We had the same reactions on our faces too.

The bizarre incident has caused the staff at the University of Adelaide confused and angry because the student presented a legitimate medical certificate signed by a doctor

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Staff at the University of Adelaide are reportedly 'seething' after a man was allowed to miss an exam due to 'period pain'.

University officials were pretty angry about the excuse, but are being forced to take it seriously because of the student presenting them with a legitimate medical certificate signed by a doctor.

The move has his fellow students scratching their heads, calling the excuse "ridiculous" and "unbelievable"

The move has a lot of his fellow students complaining all over campus. One student interviewed by 7 News called it "unbelievable" and "ridiculous" and another said it wasn't fair to the students who studied during the year.

Check out the full report here in the tweet below:

However, as this Medical Daily report claims, a quarter of men do experience 'PMS Symptoms' due to daily hormonal changes

Contrary to popular belief, men become violent when their testosterone levels go down, where irritability, depression, and withdrawal come with a deficiency of the hormone. Testosterone levels in young men can fluctuate as much as four times daily. However, what is less clear is how these levels vary day by day and week by week.

Speaking of exams, this guy dressed up as his significant other to take an exam in her place! So sacrificial...

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