Deputy Director Jamil Says There Has Been No Evidence That The Teacher Was At Fault

Internal probe into the case has been completed.

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In the case of the Nibong Tebal SMK Methodist teacher who had accused a 14-year-old student of stealing her iPhone, allegedly causing the girl to kill herself, Penang Education Department will decide on the course of action, if any, in a panel meeting next week

Earlier today, 4 February, The Star Online reported Mohd Jamil Mohamed, the Deputy Director of Penang Education Department, saying that they will take the necessary action on the teacher if she is found to have violated any standard operating procedure.

According to the report, Deputy Director Jamil said that the state education department did not involve the police as it was an internal probe by the department.

The hearse carrying Vasanthapiriya’s casket leaves for the burial ground.

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While speaking on behalf of the teacher, Jamil said she was "deeply saddened by the incident and the public criticism against her"

The Deputy Director, however, appeared to defend the teacher.

"There has been no evidence that she (the teacher) was at fault.

"And the phone has not yet been recovered as claimed by some,"
Jamil was quoted as saying by The Star Online yesterday.

Although South Seberang Prai OCPD Supt Shafee Abdul Samad confirmed to the English daily that the teacher's iPhone was still missing, he didn't say how the claim about the iPhone, which Vasanthapiriya was accused of stealing, being found spread.

The Chairman of the school's Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), meanwhile, has spoken in defence of the teacher, claiming that she had, in fact, partially adhered to the parts of the school SOPs

According to chairman Teoh Seang Hooi, news reports that stated that the teacher did not follow the school's Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were untrue.

theSundaily reported that the PTA chairman believes many media organisations have depended on outside sources for relevant information, instead of waiting for verification from school authorities who would have a clearer picture.

"I am not condoning her actions but I am merely speaking the truth," the PTA chairman said, adding that the teacher is "one of the pioneers who donates a portion of her monthly income to the hardcore poor students".

Explaining that he was not siding with the teacher, Teoh told theSundaily that he was just trying to be fair to everyone. He has urged the public to let the authorities proceed with its investigations before commenting further.

SMK Methodist Nibong Tebal PTA chairman, Teoh Seang Hooi.

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