Elderly Man Learns He's Been 'Dead' For Months After Trying To Lodge A Police Report

The 71-year-old from Johor hopes the National Registration Department (JPN) can quickly resolve his issue.

Cover image via Harian Metro & Bernama/Free Malaysia Today

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A 71-year-old man in Skudai, Johor has gone through many difficulties with the authorities after finding out he has been listed as 'dead' for the past eight months

According to Free Malaysia Today, Low Choo Choon, a funeral van driver, was trying to lodge a report about a missing deed under his name when he was informed by the police of his 'death'.

Low said he had gone to the police station to report about a deed for a two-person gravesite he and his wife had purchased over 20 years ago. Due to financial constraints, he had wanted to transfer the grave to a relative.

However, he could not find the deed nor could he file a police report about the missing document as he was deemed as 'dead'.

Image via Harian Metro

Following advice from the police, Low said he lodged a complaint to the National Registration Department (JPN) immediately in January

However, eight months have gone by, and the national registry has yet to reverse his status.

"I have been to JPN many times and was always told to come back in two weeks, but when I go, they give all kinds of excuses. I also wrote an official letter about this in June, but the problem still hasn't been solved," Low told a press conference with Senai assemblyman Wong Bor Yang on Tuesday, 9 August, as quoted by Harian Metro.

"I'm asking for JPN to kindly speed up the activation of my identification card (IC) again. I'm tired of this, I'm too old to keep going up and down to JPN," he appealed.

Low had sought the help of the assemblyman over the matter late last month after fears that he might not be able to access his bank account.

"I have been working at a funeral home for so many years, but I never thought that I would be listed as 'dead'," he said.

Since Low has been classified as dead, he has been facing difficulties renewing official documents and accessing privileges as a local citizen for the past few months

The funeral van driver said he could not get his road tax renewed this year. However, he finally convinced the Road Transport Department to renew it for at least half a year after making multiple requests and visits.

He was also unable to cast a ballot in March when Johor held its state elections.

"If my (status) does not get updated, I worry that my bank account and assets will get frozen," the 71-year-old added more urgently.

He said his driving licence is also due to expire next month, which will lead to more difficulties if the issue is not resolved soon.

With Wong's help, the state's JPN investigation team has finally been brought to the attention of Low's case for review.

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