A 54-Year-Old Sarawak Man Accused Of Raping His Step-Granddaughter Commits Suicide

Police were on their way to arrest the elderly man.

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A 54-year-old farmer from Sarawak who was wanted for allegedly raping his 14-year-old step-granddaughter reportedly committed suicide by consuming pesticide

According to a report in NST Online, the elderly man was found in a semi-conscious state in a hut in his padi field by a team from the Sri Aman CID.

Sarawak CID chief Datuk Dev Kumar said the man was frothing at the mouth when he was found at about 11pm last night, 28 September, reported NST Online.

"The suspect was rushed to the Sri Aman Hospital by the investigation team," he said adding that he was pronounced dead at the hospital at about 5am today.

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The case first came to light on 21 September when the Sri Aman Hospital alerted the police about the girl attempting suicide by jumping off the first floor of her school hostel

The girl was admitted to the hospital after she injured her back in her suicide attempt.

A medical examination conducted on the girl showed that she was five weeks pregnant. However, an initial police inquiry could not ascertain the identity of the father of the unborn child, Sarawak CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Dev Kumar said.

"(But) on 27 September, (the girl) told a medical social officer at the hospital that she had been raped twice by (her step-grandfather) the previous month.

"Shocked by the startling admission of the victim, the medical social officer lodged a police report at the Sri Aman police station," Dev was quoted as saying by NST Online.

The 14-year-old was raped twice, with the first rape occurring in early August and the second rape a week later

According to Sarawak CID chief Dev Kumar, the man had fetched the girl from her hostel to bring her home for the weekend. He, however, took her to a hut in an oil palm plantation and raped her.

"A week later, the suspect raped the victim in the living room of their house while everyone was asleep," he added.

The case, which was being investigated under Section 376B of the Penal Code for rape, is considered "solved"

"We cannot proceed with the investigation anymore since the only suspect in the case died," Dev Kumar was quoted as saying by NST Online.

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