This Guy Working At A Petrol Station Is The Inspiration You Need If You Hate Your Job

He's probably the most hardworking and friendly petrol pump attendant you'll ever meet.

Cover image via Iqhmal Pico

Meet Suhaimi. He's the superstar Shell employee that has gone viral on social media.

Image via Iqhmal Pico

Facebook user Iqhmal Pico recently took to the social media platform to share about his encounter with Suhaimi and to tell people why he respects this man so much.

"Every time after serving a customer at the petrol pumps, he would run towards another customer to serve them. I repeat, he would run towards other customers...," Iqhmal wrote.

You see, Suhaimi is very enthusiastic about his job as an attendant at the petrol station nearby the Nilai Square Commercial Centre in Negeri Sembilan, and he would do his very best every day.

When asked why he's not looking for another job, Suhaimi said that this is his rezeki

He told Iqhmal that this is the only thing that he knows how to do. And as many have seen, he does it well wholeheartedly.

"This brother proves that every job can be noble. Regardless of the type of occupation, or the salary or returns of the job, as long as a person is trustworthy, dedicated, and hardworking, then surely people will respect that individual. Other people would even look up to such persons," Iqhmal said.

"A good seed sown in the ground becomes a mountain. When thrown in the sea becomes an island," he added.

Many people have talked about Suhaimi on social media in recent years, even before Iqhmal's post on him went viral

Early last year, Facebook community page Belia Prihatin shared an image of Suhaimi assisting a driver at the petrol pump, with a caption that talks about how friendly and proactive he was.

At that time, not many people were aware of Suhaimi yet (they even got his name wrong initially!) but he was starting to gain attention from local netizens and the people in Nilai.

However, Suhaimi is no stranger to the local community in Nilai nowadays. People are starting to recognise him and have sung praises about this friendly man.

Many people noted that his bubbly personality was contagious and they loved to see him in action at work.

"I know this person. He's really good and hardworking. I really respect Abang Suhaimi," read a comment on Facebook.

Another user named 'Kak Leha' said that she would visit the Nilai shell station to fill up her car's petrol tank whenever she makes her way back to Kuala Lumpur from Nilai. Kak Leha, who used to stay in Nilai for two years until she moved to Kajang recently, said that Suhaimi has stayed the same and maintained his good attitude and enthusiasm.

"Very talkative and friendly. Congratulations, brother. You are a good worker. Your boss is fortunate to have a worker like you," she wrote.

Great job, Suhaimi! Keep inspiring people with your great attitude :)

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