[PHOTOS] "Explosions" In Mid Valley Leave At Least 8 People Injured

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Cover image via The Rakyat Post

Six of the eight people injured in the minor explosions in Mid Valley have been discharged

Image via Aiman Ken

Following the two minor explosion incidents in the mall this morning, Mid Valley Megamall has issued an update on its Facebook page stating that six of the eight people who were injured, have been discharged from the hospital while the remaining two are still being treated and monitored.

"We would like to stress that investigations are being carried out by bomba and relevant authorities and that only minimal interruption is caused to our business," the statement read.

The mall's management also gave the assurance that safety remains the top priority, and further updates will be provided to the public when available.

5 April, 1:10pm: Mid Valley Megamall's tenants were alarmed when arriving for work this morning as part of the external roofing outside of Chili's restaurant collapsed

Netizens claimed that a gas explosion had caused the collapse

According to Malay Mail Online, witnesses said that the mall was evacuated after an explosion was heard at about 9.45am today, 5 April.

It was also reported that the Fire and Rescue department confirmed that there was a gas leak from a stove.

Besides Chili's, the McDonald's outlet on the lower ground floor in Mid Valley Megamall was also affected by a minor explosion

Malay Mail Online reported that eight people were injured, but there has been no fatalities

Before (left) and after (right) the possible gas explosion at Mid Valley this morning, 5 April.

Image via @chyeewe/Instagram
Image via Aiman Ken

The Fire and Rescue Department said eight people were injured during the collapse of the ceiling of the front and kitchen at Chili’s on the ground floor, as well as the ceiling of the kitchen at fast food restaurant McDonald’s on the lower ground floor.

Among the victims of six men and two women, three of the men suffered burns while the rest had light injuries.

“Investigations are underway to determine if the ceiling collapse was caused by gas cylinders explosions,” said a spokesman from the Fire and Rescue Department.

Following the untimely incidents, Mid Valley Megamall's management has issued an official statement on its Facebook page today, 5 April, stating that the minor explosions occurred due to reinstatement work on their liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) system

The mall's management explained that there were minor explosions at two food and beverage outlets (Chili's and McDonald's) that happened during the reinstatement work to the mall's liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) gas system at about 9.45am this morning.

"There were minor injuries to our maintenance staff, LPG contractor, and tenant staff. Medical treatment is already being given. There were no fatalities, neither were there any injuries to the public," read the statement.

Mid Valley Megamall's management also confirmed that the mall would remain open to visitors, while it is currently working with the relevant authorities to shut down all the gas systems in the mall until further notice.

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