Several Dead After Multiple Explosions Rock Brussels Airport And Metro Station

Brussels airport on lockdown as train and plane services suspended.

Cover image via The Guardian

The departures area of Zaventem airport in Brussels has been hit with 2 blasts. While the Belgian govt has confirmed casualties, it has given no numbers. The cause of the blasts is unknown.

A plume of smoke rises over Brussels airport after an explosion.

Image via @News_Executive

According to The Guardian, there are unconfirmed reports that 11 people have been killed in the blasts. The Guardian also noted that a local journalist cited firefighters as the source for the death of 11.

Images on social media showed smoke rising from one of the buildings, amid reports of panic as people fled the airport. All flights have been diverted.

Other reports say at least one of the explosions was close to the American Airlines check-in area but this has not been confirmed. The Belgian broadcaster RTBF quoted a witness as saying there were people injured or unconscious in the departure area, opposite the Sheraton hotel.

An injured woman at Brussels Airport after the explosions.

Image via David Crunelle/The Independent

Smoke rise over Brussels Airport

An hour later, explosions hit Maalbeek metro station, close to the EU institutions. Following which the metro system has been closed.

The whole metro system has been closed following a blast at Maelbeek station.

Image via BBC

It occurred shortly after 08:00 GMT during the rush hour at Maalbeek station, with TV images showing smoke billowing from the entrance.

This video shows the aftermath of the blast at metro:

The series of blasts come just four days after Salah Abdeslam, the main suspect in the Paris attacks, was captured in Brussels

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