This Man Killed His Wife and Then Posted Her Graphic Photo on Facebook. Why?

A husband in Miami posted a chilling murder confession on his Facebook page Thursday, which was accompanied by a graphic and disturbing photo of his dead wife.

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This husband and wife had an argument and he allegedly shot her dead

The husband and his wife had a verbal dispute, during which he grabbed a gun from a closet and pointed it at his wife. She reportedly told Medina she was leaving him before the dispute moved downstairs.

There, Medina told police, Alfonso began punching him. He retrieved the gun from upstairs and again confronted his wife, prompting her to pick up a knife.

He told detectives that when he took the knife away, his wife began hitting him again, at which point he shot her several times.

He felt certain she was dead. He did not call 911, the affidavit states. He changed clothes, went to a police station and began the process of confessing.

When officers responded to the home, they found Alfonso dead from apparent gunshot wounds. They also found her 10-year-old daughter upstairs, physically unharmed. She was removed from the house covered in a blanket.

He confessed to the crime in a Facebook post saying his wife was punching him

This Facebook page reported to be his is no longer active, screenshots of it show the following message, followed by alarmed reactions from Medina's friends!

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He then went on to post this photo of his dead wife, with the words "Rip Jennifer Alfonso."

Murder suspect Derek Medina posted this photo of his wife’s body on Facebook. (PS: We have taken the decision to blur the original image due to its graphical quality)

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Derek Medina, 31, posted this picture of his wife's blood-stained body, collapsed and contorted on the floor in the corner, to his Facebook feed with a note.

According to marriage records, Medina and Alfonso had been married since April 2012

“According to marriage records, Medina and Alfonso had been married since April 2012,” CBS Miami reports.

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