Did They Really Think They Could Get Away With Fake Windows?

Pictures of an affordable housing complex in Qingdao blew up on the net when people realised that some of the windows on the side of the building were painted on.

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Anyone hoping to move into this high rise block of flats in eastern China probably shouldn't expect a room with a view. Here's why.

A Chinese property developer has apparently taken "economical" to its logical extreme by reportedly painting fake windows on an economical housing development in the city of Qingdao.

According to reports, the appearance of the block sparked internet rumours that the Government was cutting corners in a bid to save money.

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While the apartments may look like they have plenty of windows, many of them are fake. Officials in Qingdao, in Shandong province, have claimed that a series of 'windows' have been pianted onto the side of the low cost accommodation for aesthetic reasons rather than to fool potential buyers.

The recently completed building houses low-cost apartments. How low cost? Here, take a look at the windows:

The residential building in Qingdao, Shandong Province that has windows painted on to it.

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According to reports, the appearance of the block sparked internet rumours that the Government was cutting corners in a bid to save money.
Others asked whether the construction company hired to build the Government-subsided accommodation had cheated officials in order to increase its profits.

But local officials said that the windows are just there for decoration and that the block conforms to building regulations.
They added that the windows are only painted on to a part of the building which houses elevator shafts.

Apparently, the fake windows are on an area of the building that houses a staircase where it would have been impractical to have real windows, the government said.

Still, locals have to wonder if painting on the fake windows was really worth it. Qingdao's local government later posted a message to their Weibo account saying that they had asked the contractors to remove the fake windows, explaining that they had created an "adverse social effect."

Not so light and airy: Fortunately for residents, some of the windows on the block are real

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Until then, perhaps residents of the building can take solace in the fact that they will save money on their window cleaning bill.
It is hardly surprising that Chinese authorities are cutting the odd corner.

According to reports, new home prices across the country rose by 8.3 per cent in August and authorities have been trying to cool down persistently high property prices in recent years.
Perhaps creating homes with fake windows is their latest ploy.

Windows grimy? Repaint them. Don't like the curtains? Paint on new ones. Weather gloomy? Dab in a little blue sky.

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But perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised considering China's knack for faking things. For example, they faked an entire Paris in China. [CLICK ON LINK FOR FULL STORY]

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