Family Claims Famous M'sian YouTuber Has Been Detained Over Suicide Attempt

It is said that the YouTuber is facing financial difficulties, which has driven her to allegedly dupe her fans for money.

Cover image via Instagram & Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat Puchong (Facebook)

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Family members of a Malaysian YouTuber have taken over her Instagram account to reveal that the Internet celebrity is currently detained by the authorities for her suicide attempt

On Saturday, 17 April, the Fire and Rescue Department saved the distressed YouTuber from the ledge of a building, which is believed to be outside her apartment unit in Puchong Jaya, Selangor, reported Sinar Harian.

In a five-minute video, the YouTuber can be heard screaming "I don't want" and "don't touch me" while two firefighters hold onto her to prevent her from falling off the ledge.

The video — which went viral over the weekend — ends with the firefighters bringing the woman back into the building safely.

The Fire and Rescue Department in Puchong also shared a video of the incident on its Facebook, along with photos believed to be taken after the rescue.

"I am [the YouTuber's family member]. She is currently detained for suicide," read an Instagram Story published on her account with 714,000 followers last night, 18 April

"She is unreachable and is cooperating with the police to assist in the investigation."

The statement said those who purchased items from the YouTuber can contact them and attach their payment receipts. They said refunds will be processed as soon as possible.

"We are extremely sorry about this unexpected incident. Currently, we don't know the problem and (her) hardship," the statement continued.

"We will sort out the matters soon. Thank you."

Image via Instagram

It is believed that the YouTuber is facing some financial difficulties, which has driven her to allegedly sell a single designer bag to multiple buyers

"I paid RM30,000. If she (the Internet celebrity) doesn't pay me back, it is my turn to jump off a building!" China Press quoted one of the buyers allegedly duped by the YouTuber.

According to the buyer, she learnt that something had happened in the YouTuber's family and urgently needed money. Thus, she immediately transferred money to the YouTuber for the purchase, but ended up getting duped.

The Chinese daily reported that the buyer paid the colossal sum to purchase her YouTube channel, which has over 500,000 subscribers.

In another report, at least three other buyers have come forward to reveal that they are also scam victims of the YouTuber, with each paying a different price for a designer bag.

One victim even filmed a 10-minute video of herself, saying that she believed the YouTuber must be facing some unexplainable difficulties or else the latter would not have resorted to cheating her fans of money.

"I hope she can get over this ordeal and tell us what had happened to her because there are still many fans and friends who care about her," said the victim while all dressed in black in the video.

The YouTuber sent out a goodbye message to her fans on her Telegram fan group at 11.49am on Saturday, 17 April.

Image via Telegram

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

If you or anyone you know may be at risk of suicide, please call these Malaysian hotlines:

Contact: +603-76272929
Email: [email protected]
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Contact: 15999
WhatsApp: +6019-2615999
Email: [email protected]
Website | Facebook 

For a more thorough directory of resources, head over to the Malaysian Mental Health Association's website.

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