A 20-Year-Old Kepong Girl Wants To Marry Her 52-Year-Old Rapist

The man has multiple wives and children.

Cover image via aktual24.ro

A 20-year-old woman is planning to marry a man, who is old enough to be her father and is her alleged rapist, reported The Star Online

As shocking as it may sound, but the 20-year-old, who is a food court worker, has actually refused to file a police report for rape against the man, who is 52-year-old.

According to the father of the woman, the alleged rape happened in June.

She met the 52-year-old man, who is a vegetable supplier, through work and over the period of time they both grew close and became friends.

One day, the man, who is her father's age, brought the woman to his house in Kepong and forced himself on her after she refused his advances.

While she told her parents of the rape, she refused to lodge a police report, with her family stating that she took pity on him as he has "multiple wives and children."

According to FMT, while the woman's family, who is against the marriage, lodged a police report on behalf of their daughter on 10 July, the police are unable to act against the man as the woman is above the legal age of consent and has refused to press charges

The family, especially the woman's father, is furious.

The Star Online quoted him saying, "First rape then marriage? He sweet talked her into considering marriage with him. We are against it! The age gap is also too big. If they get married, is he going to call me father?"

The father had to take away her phone after he found out that she was messaging and calling her alleged rapist, reported The Star

Surprisingly, she even attempted to run away from their family home, the father said, who described his daughter as "an introvert and that this was her first relationship."

Just back in August this year, a rapist evaded conviction after he marred his underage victim under Islamic law:

Earlier this month, a student created a photo series that depicted victims and perpetrators of both genders and multiple sexualities: