Mother Scavenges For Discarded Chicken Skin So Family Can Afford Proper Meat Once A Week

"My priority is just to make sure that they are fed and we are healthy."

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A poverty-stricken family in Kuala Krai, Kelantan has had to make sacrifices on a daily basis just to get by

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Siti Hamidah Abdul Hamid and her husband Muhamad Zuhaidi Safin currently spend RM100 on rent for the house they live in with their young daughters in Kampung Tengah.

With Zuhaidi's unstable income as a labourer, the couple often struggles to put food on the table.

However, the mother of three has found a creative solution to feed her family.

"We can only afford proper food like meat or fish once a week, and the rest of the week, we will eat whatever kitchen waste that I can scavenge from the school canteen," Siti Hamidah said

"I feel that it is a waste to let it just be thrown away," the 32-year-old told Bernama.

Among the discarded food collected by the mother is chicken skin, which she acknowledged was unhealthy but an unavoidable choice due to their financial restraints.

Image via Bernama

Since her family cannot afford to have beef, chicken, or fish everyday, Siti Hamidah is extremely grateful to be given discarded food that could be turned into meals

"We are lucky enough that someone is willing to keep the chicken skin and give it to us," she said.

The woman is also thankful that her daughters are not picky with what they eat.

"So far my girls, Siti Aisyah, Norsyayidah Nafisah, and Nor Syafiya Nadira, aged between three and eight, like the chicken skin that I cook," she said.

Zuhaidi expressed his intention to "work harder to be able to buy healthier food" for his family of five

"But for now, my priority is just to make sure that they are fed and we are healthy," he told Bernama.

He dreams that one day the family can live in a house that they own.

After the family's struggle went viral, the Kelantan Welfare Department made a visit to their home on Tuesday, 12 August

The special officer to Kuala Krai Pakatan Harapan chairman Tuan Lokman Tuan Soh revealed that RM200 has been given to the family, The Star reported.

Documents were filed so that the family would also receive monthly financial assistance from the government.

In July, a woman shared how she cooks for and feeds two Aunties who could not afford food:

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