Father In Mourning After 6-Year-Old Was Dragged To Death By His Favourite Cow

Too traumatised by the tragedy, the father had to sell all his cattle. He noted that his son really loved that cow and would strike a conversation with it almost every day.

Cover image via Harian Metro & RISDA

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A six-year-old boy in Kelantan was killed after he was dragged 50m by a cow

According to Harian Metro, the incident took place on Monday, 12 July, at Kampung Rahmat in Ayer Lanas.

Around 6.40pm, the boy, Raja Abdul Wafi, followed his father, Raja Hishamuddin Raja Yusuf, to bring their cattle home.

Jeli district police chief DSP Ahmad Arifin explained that after the father untied one of the cows, the rope suddenly got stuck on his child's leg.

He said, "The victim's father tried to unravel the rope before the cow suddenly ran away, dragging the child as far as 50m."

"After the father managed to untie the rope on his son's leg, the victim was taken to Jeli Hospital for medical treatment before being pronounced dead," he added.

Autopsy results revealed that the death was caused by internal bleeding and the case was classified as sudden death.

Raja Hishamuddin explained that the cow which killed his son was the little boy's favourite animal.

"The cow is like my son's best friend," he noted.

The 29-year-old said, "I didn't expect that his life would end because of the cow."

In a separate interview with Harian Metro, he explained that the boy would follow him to the field every day to fetch their 13 cattle.

"That cow was my son's favourite because we've cared for it for two years now, ever since Abdul Wafi was only four years old," he said.

He shared that he would usually release the cows from their poles before he and his son would follow them from behind on a motorcycle. 

"At that time, I was shocked seeing Abdul Wafi being dragged by the cow, but I couldn't chase it because I was scared that the cow would run faster.

"I don't know why the cow would run. Maybe my son was playing with the animal and caused it to take off while the rope was still stuck to his leg. I only approached my son after the cow stopped running and by then, he was already unconscious," he said, holding back his tears.

Raja Hishamuddin admitted that although he is saddened by his son's sudden passing, he has come to terms with fate.

"Abdul Wafi had been so concerned about the cow lately and if I went to the field without him, he would throw a tantrum and sulk. The cow is also very affectionate with him and what happened really left my whole family in shock," he explained further.

"As a matter of fact, until now, my wife is still emotionally unstable, especially since she's currently pregnant," he said, while also noting that his son has been laid to rest at the Air Lanas Muslim Cemetery.

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Image via RISDA

The traumatised father has since decided to sell all 13 of his cows

He told New Straits Times, "I have to put them up for sale including my late son's favourite cow. I saw the whole thing and how my son was dragged to his death. I am too traumatised that I cannot go to the site where it all had happened."

He has had the cattle for the past five years and they were his main source of income, but he could no longer look after them after the tragedy that struck his family.

"I love the cows, but I have to let them go with a heavy heart. I can still hear my son's voice pleading with me not to sell his two-year-old cow. He really loved that cow and he would strike a conversation with it like talking to a friend almost every day," he added.

"If a similar incident happens to others, I believe they too will make the same decision (to sell the cows)," he said.

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