Female Grab Driver Shares How Cops Saved Her From Being Robbed By Passengers In KL

She was carrying three foreign individuals to Old Klang Road.

Cover image via The Malaysian Reserve

A part-time female Grab driver has shared how she narrowly escaped from being robbed and possibly harmed by three foreign passengers she was carrying to Old Klang Road about a week ago

Taking to her Twitter account last Sunday, the female Grab driver detailed the entire episode that happened between Kepong and Old Klang Road in over a dozen tweets.

According to her tweets, she was supposed to go to a friend's open house. However, as she had extra time, she fuelled up and opened her Grab driver app.

The first booking itself was near her house, from Brem Mall to Mutiara Apartment at Jalan Klang Lama. However, when she reached the pickup spot, there was no rider, who also didn't answer her call when she dialled his number.

After a while, the rider appeared and asked her to wait for two of his friends.

She then waited there pick up the rider and his friends, two Indonesian teenage boys, aged 15 and 17, and an Indonesian woman from a shopping complex in Kepong.

The drop destination was about 26 minutes according to Waze

However, 17 minutes before the drop, the Grab driver's vehicle was flagged by police, who asked her to stop. At which point, she got panicked.

The policemen approached her vehicle and asked if she was a Grab driver, to which she replied yes. They then asked her permission to inspect the passengers.

She agreed and as she waited in the car, the policemen came back to ask her where were the passengers headed. "Mutiara Apartment," she told the cops.

The cops then showed her a knife. "Do you know what is this? This is a knife," the female Grab driver described the exchange between her and cops in her tweets.

She was told that the passengers she was carrying were robbers, who often target e-hailing drivers. And the drop-off location is usually a remote area.

The cops then informed her that the passengers were looking to rob or possibly kill her, as they were not carrying any ID or money

Hearing this gave her shivers and her legs and hands went cold, she wrote on Twitter.

The policemen asked her if she suspected anything or she knew the place well, to which she replied that she did not suspect anything and was driving by following Waze.

She was then asked to come to the police station to give her statement.

The three foreigners were arrested and taken to the police station in the police car.

Just last month, a Grab driver was found murdered in the backseat of his Perodua Myvi car at the parking lot in Taman Selayang Makmur:

Meanwhile, Transport Minister Anthony Loke has issued new rules:

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