Gone In 5 Seconds: Watch How Two Women Stole This Girl's Phone From Her Backpack

The thieves only took a few seconds to carry out the theft.

Cover image via Elaine Lai

A lady who lost her phone to theft in a shopping mall took to Facebook to share her unfortunate experience recently

Image via Elaine Lai

Two days ago, on 15 March, Elaine Lee was shopping at Sunway Pyramid in Petaling Jaya when a pickpocket stole her phone which she had left in her backpack.

She was at the Asian avenue section when it happened.

"I was alone in a shop trying out clothes while two of my friends were standing outside because they have food."

"Then after awhile, like not more than five minutes in the shop, I wanted to take my phone, then I realised my phone was stolen," she wrote.

After realising that her phone was stolen, Elaine requested the store's management to review the CCTV footage

Image via Elaine Lai

The CCTV recordings revealed that a lady wearing a black shirt and a grey tudung stole a phone from another shopper’s backpack moments before they targeted Elaine.

The other shopper appeared to be making a payment at the cashier counter when it happened.

In the video recording, the pickpocket is believed to have worked with another tudung-clad woman, who used a clothing article from the shop to obstruct their schemes from being seen.

The thief and her accomplice then moved on to loot Elaine's phone from her backpack in a matter of seconds.

The two incidents happened within a minute.

Elaine shared two snippets of the CCTV recording that caught the culprits in action

Posted by Elaine Lai on Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Posted by Elaine Lai on Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Elaine has warned the public to be careful, especially when they're shopping

It is still unclear whether the culprits were caught.

Meanwhile, Elaine has lodged a police report at the Bandar Sunway police station as she posted a photo of herself holding a copy of the police report in a separate Facebook post yesterday, 16 March.

Stay vigilant at all times, everyone!

Last December, a shopper in KLCC revealed how a syndicate tried to trick her into giving her personal account information:

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