Finland Is Sending Education Experts To Help Malaysia Improve Its Education System

Here's to a fruitful collaboration!

Cover image via Khairunisah Othman / New Straits Times / Jussi Helttunen / The Independent UK

The wheels are in motion for a partnership with Finland in the Education Ministry's bid to improve Malaysia's education system

Finnish representatives and exchange students during their visit to Malaysia in 2017.

Image via Eizairi Shamsudin / New Straits Times

In a statement released by the Education Ministry yesterday, 18 October, the National Education Agency of Finland has expressed its commitment to assist Malaysia in improving the nation's education system

Education Minister Dr. Maszlee Malik.

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Education Minister Dr. Maszlee Malik said that the commitment was informed by Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Director Manager of the Finnish National Agency for Education during a bilateral meeting held yesterday. 

Heinonen was also the former Minister of Education for Finland. 

According to Dr. Maszlee, Finland also offered to send their education experts over to Malaysia if we are unable to send our own representatives "due to financial factors and so on"

"In our meeting, Olli-Pekka Heinonen said that if Malaysia could not send officials to Finland due to financial factors and so on, Finland was ready to send their officers to Malaysia," Dr. Maszlee was quoted in the statement

"Malaysia hopes that this collaboration will help us to deeply study Finland's best values and practices, thereby using experience and expertise to improve the standard of the Malaysian education system," he added. 

The Education Minister is hopeful that the exchange of ideas between both countries will put Malaysia's education system on par with Finland's

"I believe that the exchange of ideas and educational sciences between Finland and Malaysia will make Malaysia stand with Finland in various disciplines, including training for teachers, teachers, and fun learning atmosphere, and an exchange of ideas for the selection of teaching aids," he said, adding that elements of love, happiness, and respect are also important in driving a holistic education system.

The Education Minister had previously stressed that he will be looking to Finland for inspiration on how Malaysia's education system can be improved:

There is, in fact, a lot we can learn from Finland's world-class education system: