Attention, Malaysians! BPN 2.0 Payouts Have Started Today & It's Way Earlier Than Expected

Check your bank accounts, folks!

Cover image via Utusan Borneo & Malay Mail

As of today, 22 October, Malaysians have started receiving the second round of cash aid, dubbed as Bantuan Prihatin Nasional 2.0 (BPN 2.0)

Social media users noted that the money started reflecting in their account earlier this morning.

Twitter saw a wave of tweets saying, "BPN is in."

Image via Twitter

The Ministry of Finance initially announced that BPN 2.0 will be paid in stages starting 26 October

According to Bernama, the BPN 2.0 payments are to be made in two instalments.

B40 households will receive RM1,000 with RM700 being deposited in their accounts at the end of October and RM300 in January 2021.

The second group involving single B40 citizens will receive RM500 in two payments - RM350 in October 2020 and RM150 in January 2021.

M40 households are the third group to receive the cash aid totalling up to RM600. In October, they will receive RM400 and they can expect another RM200 in January 2021.

Lastly, singles in the M40 will receive RM300 which will be paid in two instalments - RM200 in October 2020 and RM100 in January 2021.

Image via Utusan Borneo

A check by SAYS found that as of now, only CIMB bank users have received the money

Those who have received the first BPN payment in April can expect the second round of cash aid to be deposited into their accounts automatically over the next few weeks.

However, if you did not receive the first payout, here is a guide on how to apply for BPN 2.0.

The payout for BPN 2.0 is less than the first round:

Prime Minister Muhyiddin introduced BPN 2.0 during a special address on 23 September:

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