A Flight Attendant Is Traumatised After A Male Passenger Made Her Wipe His Butt

After wiping him down, the flight attendant went to the lavatory to cry and vomit.

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On 19 January, the all-female crew of Taiwanese airline EVA air had a sh*tty experience during a long-haul flight from Los Angeles to Taiwan.


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A flight attendant told reporters at a press conference on Monday that an American passenger, who was obese, had complained that the economy-class lavatory was too small for him to use.

Considering the circumstances, she agreed to let him use the business-class lavatory and directed him to it. Upon closing the door, the passenger immediately pressed the Call Light button, The Straits Times reported.

When the flight attendant checked on the passenger, he told her that he needed assistance removing his underwear

After passing him a blanket to cover his genitals, which were exposed, the crew member told him that she could not assist him.

How do you expect me to poop?” replied the passenger, who refused to take no for an answer and reminded her that she had already agreed to help him.

The reluctant flight attendant then put on a pair of latex gloves to help remove his underwear.

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According to Mothership, she refused his demand to leave the lavatory door open so that he could "breathe easier while pooping."

When the passenger said he was finished relieving himself, the flight attended returned, only to find him still sitting on the toilet bowl.

"Come over here and wipe my butt," he demanded.

When she refused, the passenger argued that he could not be left in the toilet for the rest of the flight as he had already pooped. “You agreed!” he told her again insistently.

As the crew could not leave a passenger in the lavatory, the Chief Purser reluctantly agreed to wipe him down.

With three layers of gloves on, the Chief Purser proceeded to wipe his butt while the flight attendant helped to hold him up.

"Ummm...deeper, deeper," the passenger allegedly moaned.

The flight attendant then had to help him put on his underwear.

After she escorted him back to his seat, she went to the lavatory to cry and vomit.

Upon landing at Taoyuan airport in Taiwan, the passenger requested for a wheelchair, saying that walking would result in his foot being injured.

Two male staff members of the airport assisted him.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, 22 January, EVA Air iterated that the airline's flight attendants are not obliged to provide special care to passengers such as toilet assistance, feeding, and medical services

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It was also clarified that the airline has never blamed the crew when other flight attendants encountered similar incidents in the past, and that flight attendants can use the procedures on handling abnormal passengers if a passenger makes excessive and unreasonable demands.

EVA Air added that while the American passenger had not put forward any special needs request in his previous 20 flights in the company, he did make a similar request on a flight last year.

However, he was refused by the flight attendants and helped by another passenger instead, Mothership reported.

According to the airline, investigations will be conducted and appropriate measures will be taken if the passenger is found to have exceeded his boundaries

The company will consider banning him from future flights.

The flight attendant, who has had to undergo psychiatric treatment, has been given three weeks of medical leave.

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