foodpanda Rider Receives A RM1,000 Tip From Woman Who Just Wanted Him To Pray For Her

He plans to donate some of the money to orphans and those who are less fortunate.

Cover image via Muhammad Faris Faizul (Facebook)

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A foodpanda rider from Ampang, Kuala Lumpur was recently surprised with a generous tip from a kind customer

On Sunday, 21 February, Muhammad Faris Faizul posted in the foodpanda Rider Malaysia Facebook group and wrote, "Alhamdulillah, my luck this evening. I was so surprised that I felt like jumping off the motorcycle just now. Touched and sad. Thankful and happy. Because I did not expect the amount to be so much."

"It's quite common for customers to give tips in envelopes. But this time I was so shocked to open the packet. Hope my other rider friends will pray for this woman to be granted children soon, god willing."

His post garnered over 635 shares and 1,900 likes.

While making a delivery, a customer asked Faris to take a money packet she had left on a table for him.

It contained RM50 notes amounting to RM1,000 and the woman said that all she wants in return is for Faris to pray for her.

Faris uploaded several messages between him and the customer. She said, "Just come in through the gate and put the food on the white table. Then, pick up the bowl on the table, there's a money packet. Please take it, thank you."

When Faris replied by saying he was on the way, the woman reminded him to ride carefully.

He then updated the woman and told her that he had left the food and asked for her permission to take the money packet.

A few minutes after that, he texted her again, asking, "Is this real? You're not kidding, right? Because there's RM1,000 in there."

"Yes. It's your luck. Pray for me to be granted a child. Later share with your friends. Ask them to pray for me to get a child soon. Okay, take care," she said.

Faris then said he will pray for her to have a child and may she be blessed. He thanked her and said that he was speechless.

Faris noted that he has yet to spend the money and plans to donate some of it to an orphanage

In an interview with Harian Metro, he explained that he did not really want to reveal the incident on Facebook, but thought that more people would pray for the woman if he shared the story with others.

"I haven't touched the money, but I've thought of donating part of it to orphans and those who are less fortunate because I want the customer's good deed to continue on. Who knows, maybe with that donation, Allah will grant the woman's wishes of having children."

Many netizens were moved by the act of kindness and wished the woman well

"That's so much. Praise god. The woman was so generous. May she be granted children. Amen. Whatever it is, lets help pray for her."

Image via Facebook

"Alhamdulillah. Let's pray for the woman to be granted children soon, may she be showered with blessings, live for a long time, and always under god's care. All you riders too. Be careful on the road. May you be blessed."

Image via Facebook

"I got choked up reading the customer's words. Maybe she's waited to long for children. May she be blessed."

Image via Facebook

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